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Ken Suther

Ken Suther, known as Ken Nangoku (南国ケン Nangoku Ken?) in Japan, is a character from the Mega Man Star Force series. He is the owner of the BIG WAVE, a Battle Card shop located in Echo Ridge. Ken gains a Wizard in Mega Man Star Force 3 named Hang Ten.

Game History

Ken Suther sells Battle Cards throughout the Mega Man Star Force series, and later gains an addition to his BIG WAVE shop: his Wizard named Hang Ten, who accepts Cipher Codes in place of Legendary Master Shin.



  • Ken is designed after the producer of the Mega Man Star Force series, Takeshi "Horiken" Horinouchi. According to Tokiko Nakashima, Horiken had a similar hairstyle during the game's development. While Ken was given a flashy attire, Nakashima thinks that Horiken was flashier.[1]


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