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Rogue using Kamikakushi in Geo's friends.

Kamikakushi (カミカクシ "Spirited Away") is an eyeball-like matter transporter device from Mu that is used by Solo, Hyde, and Hollow in Mega Man Star Force 2. It creates black holes to send targets to an Un-Dimension.

It is first used by Solo to steal the OOPArt and other objects from the Wilshire Hills Museum, but the Kamikakushi he used is destroyed by Mega Man and Harp Note. Later, Solo uses three Kamikakushi to pull people in black holes to lure Mega Man out. Solo (as Rogue) than uses one to pull Mega Man's Brothers, dropping Zack Temple and Bud Bison in different places on Earth while Hollow convinces Sonia Strumm to help them. When Mega Man tries to stop the rise of the continent of Mu, Dark Phantom appears in the Bermuda Maze and opens a black hole to send Mega Man to Wilshire Hills, making him unable to stop them.



Mega Man in the Un-Dimension.

The Un-Dimension (いじげん Ijigen) is an alternate dimension (apparently a pocket universe) that holds what is taken by the Kamikakushi. If Mega Man is sucked in this dimension, he must find an exit.