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The Juraid (ジュレイド Jureido?) is one of the few Reaverbots that is only found on the surface. They are found guarding one entrance to Kito Village on Calbania Island and in the desert on Saul Kada Island. A more powerful, yellow variety exists in the Residential area on Elysium, patrolling outside of the Master's home. The Juraid is a fast-moving Reaverbot that flails its arms around to attack. They move with the same piston-like feet that the Hanmuru Doll uses to move. Unlike the Hanmuru Doll, these piston-like feet are inline. Once the Juraid falls on its side, it is unable to get back up. There is a drawing of a Juraid in Shu, Appo and Dah's house on Calbania Island.

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