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Junk Soul

Junk Soul is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with JunkMan.EXE by sacrificing an obstacle Battle Chip.


  • After performing Double Soul, all enemies are confused immediately.
  • Also, two random chips that have been used are recycled in the custom screen in place of Dark Chips, although MegaMan cannot reuse an already recycled chip.
  • Charge Shot: Poltergeist (sends all objects on the field to the enemy, dealing 100 damage for each object)
  • Weakness: With no object, the Poltergeist is rendered useless. Also, the chip you may need may not be recycled if you have used too many chips.
  • Bosses to use against
    • ColdMan.EXE: When he uses ice cube, use Poltergeist. It will do 300 damage total.

Competitive Play

  • Due to the ability of recycling Gigachips and Megachips after being used, many players abuse the use of this soul to create great damage to their opponents in a few turns.
  • Many players abuse the Poltergeist charge shot regardless of wheter or not there are objects on the field. This way players can temporarily freeze the screen to analyze the field or the opposing MegaMan's sprite in order to predict an attack.
  • The Junk soul is considered to be the best soul for advanced competitive BlueMoon players because of the level of control it brings to the game.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

When trying to find a way to stop Regal's space station base, Lan and co. arrive on JunkMan's space station which has been damaged by Regal's. He gives MegaMan Junk Soul in order to sort out the space junk and clear a path to the space station.

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