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Jewel Satellite
Mega Man using Jewel Satellite.
MM9-JewelSatellite-Sprite MM9-JewelSatellite-P-Sprite

The Jewel Satellite (ジュエルサテライト Jueru Sateraito?) is Jewel Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man 9. When activated, Mega Man (or Proto Man) will have four jewels orbiting him. When the fire button is pressed while the shield is up, the shield is launched as a projectile toward the way Mega Man is facing.

The Jewel Satellite is Plug Man's weakness (in addition, it deflects his projectiles) and is also good against Fake Man, as it can block all of his attacks. It can also destroy Smaplars which are otherwise invulnerable to most other weapons.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 9.

MM9-JewelSatellite-Icon Jewel Satellite
Boss Damage
Concrete Man 1
Tornado Man 1
Splash Woman 1
Plug Man 4
Jewel Man 2
Hornet Man 1
Magma Man 1
Galaxy Man 1
Spike Pushers --
Mega Mech Shark

: 1st Phase

Mega Mech Shark: 2nd Phase 2
Mega Mech Shark

: 3rd Phase

Twin Devil 1
Wily Machine No. 9: 1st Phase --
Wily Machine No. 9: 2nd Phase 1
Wily Capsule 2
Fake Man 3
  • For "Spike Shooters" and Wily Machine No. 9's first phase, both bosses do not have data for them because they must be damaged with their own weapon or obstacle -- the Jewel Satellite cannot inflict damage to them directly.

Attack power

This weapon deals two units of damage to enemies when used by Mega Man (excluding weaknesses and immunities), either thrown or simply by walking into enemies with it active.


Each activation of the Jewel Satellite requires four units of weapon energy. With a full weapon energy gauge, Mega Man can activate the shield seven times.


  • Reflects most of the game's enemy projectiles or destroys them
  • The user can move while using the shield, protecting him
  • Defeats weak enemies (with 1 or 2 HP or larger enemies with 1-2 HP left) in one hit without destroying the shield
  • Doesn't disappear unless the player loads a new set of screens, touches a tough enemy or touches an invulnerable/guarding enemy
  • The shield's weapon energy only depletes each time it is activated, making it possible to keep it up during a whole section of a level.
  • If the player activates the shield while being pulled by a Bunby Catcher, they can destroy it and release themselves from its grip.
  • Can be used to collect screws and other items on certain spots in some levels
  • Many fans consider the Jewel Satellite to be the best shield weapon of the series.

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