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Mega Man at the Japanese Festival with his friends.

This Japanese festival was shown in the beginning of the Mega Man: Upon a Star episode Future Beware. Yuuta and Akane take Mega Man and Roll here to commemorate, until the end of the festival, where Dr. Wily crashes it. This festival is full of fancy Japanese summer dresses called yukatas, toys, shops, and carrying omikoshis.


Yuuta wears a blue yukata with a purple sash tied around it, and Akane wears a purple yukata with a yellow bow tied around it. Yuuta's outfit has white squares on it, while Akane's outfit has yellow flowers on it. Yuuta, at first, wears a parade outfit has a white fan on a stick tied to his back.

The first thing Yuuta, Akane, Mega Man and Roll do at the festival is watch a parade. Yuuta and Mega carry an omikoshi as they chant "Wasshoi, soya soya". Akane and Roll watch while holding fans, and they make a promise that Roll will wear a kimono on Shichigosan, a traditional Japanese holiday in November. Yuuta tells Mega Man that people holding the omikoshi sweat and have a good time, but Mega Man says he can't sweat. He does say he can still have fun, and yells "Wasshoi! Wasshoi!"

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Mega Man, his sister Roll, and his friends Yuuta and Akane watching a fireworks display at the festival.

At night time, the kids go to the shops. Akane is eating cotton candy, and Yuuta eats some of the cotton candy. Akane thinks Mega Man can eat some, but he says the only thing he can eat is life energy because he's a robot. Yuuta asks where Roll is, and Akane responds that she's playing a game. Roll is playing Japanese Whack-A-Mole and shouting "Take that! And this! And that!" every time she hits a mole. Mega Man joins in, shouting "Take that! And that! And that! And that!" as well. Yuuta and Akane believe that it was a good idea to take Mega and Roll to the festival. A fireworks display starts.

At the fireworks display, the kids admire in awe at the explosions of light.

After the display finishes and it's time to go home, Dr. Wily's face appears in the sky to warn Japan of his upcoming attack. Mega Man, Roll, Yuuta and Akane then return home to check the game world, finding Proto Man injured. The festival ends before they return home.



  • "Wasshoi, soya wa (3x)"
  • "Wow, I've never seen a Japanese festival before!"
  • "See, Roll? Everyone is so happy!" 
  • "And I like what you're wearing."
  • "Oh, this? This traditional outfit is called a yukata. Would you like to wear one?"
  • "For sure."
  • "In the autumn, there's a festival called Shichigosan. Since people wear pretty kimonos in that time, you can wear one too!"
  • "Gee, thanks, Akane! You're a nice friend."
  • "Hey look, there's Yuuta and the boys!"
  • "So this is what they call an omikoshi?"
  • "Yes. Everyone carrying an object and sweating has a good time."
  • "But I'm a robot, so I can't sweat."
  • "Oh, that's right, you're a robot!"
  • "But I can still have fun! Thanks, Yuuta! Oh yeah! All right!"
  • "Hurry up, Roll! Just wait until you see this!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "There are so many different shops!"
  • "Yep, festivals are great! And at night, it gets even better. There's so much food to eat."
  • "Excuse me, coming through! Watch out! Phew."
  • "Mmm..."
  • "Hey, no fair!"
  • "This is called cotton candy. Would you like to have some?"
  • "The only thing I can eat is life energy."
  • "Oh, that's right...."
  • "Hey, did you see where Roll went to?"
  • "She's over there, playing a game."
  • "Take that! And this! And that!"
  • "Take that, and that, and that, and that!"
  • "So, Akane, did you think it was a good idea when you invited Mega and Roll to the festival?"
  • "Yes, they're having so much fun!"
  • "(gasp)"


  • Ordinary Japanese festivals don't have Whack-A-Mole.
  • This festival is on May 7th, 1994.
  • After the scenes with this festival pass, nobody in the episode ever mentions the festival again.
  • The line "There are so many different shops!" was once paraphrased into "There are lots of shops." This became a meme describing Japan. (ex. "What does Japan look like?" "There are lots of shops.")

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