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Jakob is a primary setting in Mega Man X8. It's an orbital elevator built in the Galápagos Islands as part of the Jakob Project. The Reploid in charge of the project, Lumine, was captured by Vile at the beginning of the game and Sigma took control of the Jakob Project. After defeating the eight bosses, the Maverick Hunters use the elevator to go after Sigma who has stationed himself on the Moon, also fighting against Vile at the top of the tower.



  • Because the Neo Arcadia Tower from Mega Man Zero used to be an orbital elevator that was destroyed in the Maverick Wars and later repaired by Neo Arcadia, it's often speculated that it was Jakob. But, there is no confirmation they are the same tower, possibly being any other orbital elevator built between the series.
  • Jakob may be a subtle reference to the Biblical "Jacob's Ladder", since it is an elevator in the sky connecting to space/the heavens in a similar fashion.

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