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A red Jakko in Mega Man Legends 2

The Jakko (ジャッコー?) is a helicopter/dragonfly-like Reaverbot. In Mega Man Legends, they are found underground in nests in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate. Individually, the Jakko is weak but they become dangerous when in large numbers. The nest that the Jakko hides in has a high number of hitpoints and can seemingly provide an endless supply of Jakkos. Once the nest is destroyed, 8 to 12 Jakko will disperse from the nest's remains to continue attacking the nest's target.

In Mega Man Legends 2, they can be found on the surface with Horokkos when they jump out of the ground in Calinca and Calbania Island. They can also be seen flying around slowly in the Manda Ruins. Mega Man Volnutt can hold Jakkos with the Lifter, and falls slowly if the player hold the jump button.

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