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Jagd Krabbe

The Jagd Krabbe (ヤクト・クラベ Yakuto Kurabe?) is a crab-like mech piloted by Tron Bonne on Manda Island. Tron waits around to battle Mega Man with the Jagd Krabbe and destroys most of Pokte Village in the while fighting him. This is sort of like an upgraded Feldynaught.

Jagd Krabbe attacks with several shots from the cannons in its front and back, and can spread shots to all directions while rotating. It can also throw its claws at Mega Man, and rotates in his direction after losing a large amount of health.

In Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1, its shown to be able to fly and the legs are placed together to act as wings. Tron kidnapped Roll Caskett and ask Mega Man to join her, but he refuses and goes to her rescue. After the defeat of the Servbots, she tries to stop Mega Man in a mountain with the Jagd Krabbe by several means, like shooting from the sky and throwing rocks. After reaching the place Roll was, Mega Man fights against the Jagd Krabbe in the same way as Mega Man Legends 2. In the end, one Servbot reveals that Roll was already saved by Data.


  • Jagd Krabbe is German for "Hunter Crab".

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