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The Jagd Krabbe (ヤクト・クラベ Yakuto Kurabe) is a crab-like mech piloted by Tron Bonne on Manda Island. It is fought by Mega Man at Pokte Village.

Its attacks are:

  • Shoot bullets in a straight line from its front cannons, then turns around and fires a spread of bullets from its back.
  • Rain down shots in all directions while rotating.
  • Slam its claw down to create a small shockwave.
  • After losing a large amount of health, it will start spinning around and hovering all over the area. It's invulnerable to any damage while this is happening.
  • While not an offensive move, it is capable of moving sideways like a real crab in Rockman DASH Episode 1.

Mega Man Legends 2

Tron decides to try and take the Key from Manda Island as per the agreement the Bonnes, Glyde and Klaymoor and Bola had on the Sulphur Bottom. She blocks Mega Man's way to the ruins at Pokte Village with the Jagd Krabbe and attempts to smear Roll's reputation by telling Mega Man harsh truths like charging so much for weapon upgrades and being safe in the Flutter as a Spotter while he has to confront reaverbots. She uses a voice synthesizer to sound like Roll and gets Mega Man to think that Roll's accusations are true by agreeing with her. To ensure that the real Roll doesn't interrupt Tron's claims, Tron used a jammer so Roll wouldn't be able to communicate with them throughout the fight. After the fight, Tron and her servbots (save for one who gets stuck at Pokte plains for some time) retreat from Manda Island, Roll manages to finally contact Mega Man now that the signal is no longer jammed and Mega Man doesn't believe that Roll would do the things Tron told him.

Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1

Tron kidnaps Roll Caskett and ask Mega Man to join her, but he refuses and goes to her rescue. After the defeat of the Servbots, she tries to stop Mega Man in a mountain with the Jagd Krabbe by several means, like shooting from the sky and throwing rocks. After reaching the place Roll was held, Mega Man fights against the Jagd Krabbe in the same way as Mega Man Legends 2. In the end, one Servbot reveals that Roll was already saved by Data.


  • Jagd Krabbe is German for "Hunter Crab".
  • Collateral damage is unavoidable while fighting this boss. It's spinning attack is guaranteed to destroy houses located in the area.
  • The Jagd Krabbe seems similar to the Feldynaught from the first game, the mech Tron used the first time she and Mega Man fought.
  • Tron sometimes uses the Roll voice to say things to Mega Man. One of the sentences she says is "Mega Man, behind you!", which the real Roll said during the Lake Jyun mission from Mega Man Legends.