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Yoshihiro Iwamoto (岩本佳浩 Iwamoto Yoshihiro?) is a Japanese mangaka.



Rockman X manga: (1994-1998, Comic Bom Bom)

  • Rockman X (three volumes)
  • Rockman X2 (three volumes)
  • Rockman X3 (four volumes)
  • Rockman X4 (two volumes)

Other manga:

  • Kabuto Borg (2004 web comic. The comic was cancelled as the site it was went offline)
  • Mighty Atom (2003, known as Astro Boy outside Japan)
  • MRC (Mobile Racer) shissoure, ryuusei! (2001-2002, Comic Bom Bom)
  • Mushrambo (two volumes, 2000, Comic Bom Bom. Known as Shinzo outside Japan)
  • Toushin Devilman (1998-1999, Comic Bom Bom)
  • Transformers: Galaxy Force (2004, Comic Bom Bom. Known as Transformers: Cybertron outside Japan)


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