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In-battle lines for all bosses and enemies that speak in Mega Man X: Command Mission.



  • "Hee." (When using standard attack or Fatal Attack)
  • "There." (When using Giga Blizzard, Ultra Giga Blizzard, Electromagnetic Field or Energy Capture)
  • "Take this!" (When using Bold Beam)
  • "Argh!" (When hit)
  • "Ouch!" (When knocked back)

Redips Guard

  • "Eat this!" (Heat Needle)
  • "Ready!" (Critical Kick)



  • "I'm Spider. It's been a pleasure." (Pre-battle line)

Wild Jango

  • "You have a death wish?!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Ready?!"
  • "Ow! No!" (When knocked back)
  • "Here goes!" (Rolling Assault)
  • "Gwaaaaaaaaaaaah!" (When defeated)

Silver Horn

  • "Ready to be destroyed?!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Hwah!"
  • "Ha ha ha!"
  • "Take that!" (Tidal Wave)
  • "I'll destroy you!" (Pressure Blaster)
  • "Noooooo!" (When knocked back or defeated)

Dr. Psyche

  • "Perfect! You'll make a good specimen!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Stay sharp! Stay sharp!" (Doom Blaster)
  • "We scientists have a nasty bite!" (Transition to Mad Nautilus form)

Mad Nautilus

  • "You'll never beat my evolved form!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Not done yet!" (Mad Ecstasy)
  • ""Impossible!!" (When knocked back)"
  • " life's WORK!!" (Defeat)

Mach Jentra

  • "It is all for the ideal!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Now it's MY turn!" (When summoning Preons)
  • "I'll finish you!" (Flames of Gehenna)
  • "How in the...?" (When knocked back)
  • "Gasp... Maverick Hunters... Too powerful..." (Defeat)


  • "I'll tear all of you to little pieces!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Take it like a man!" (Pulverizer Cannon)
  • "Drat!"
  • "I'll getcha for this!" (When knocked back)
  • "How could this be?" (Defeat)


  • "Get what's coming to you!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Ha ha ha!" (When changing elemental body)
  • "Whaaa ha ha ha ha!" (Scorching Blaze/Judgmental Thunder)
  • "Hoo!" (Eternal Glacier)
  • "Here you go!" (Asura Knuckle)
  • "How could this be?" (Defeat)


  • "Time for a little lesson in agony!" (Pre-battle line, 1st encounter)
  • "You don't know when to quit, do ya?" (Pre-battle line, 2nd encounter)
  • "Ha ha!"
  • "Lemme serve you up some fresh pain!" 
  • "Oh no!" (Knocked back)
  • "It's... over..." (Running away, 2nd encounter)


  • "Don't be shy. Step right up!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "That felt good." (Bloody Snake)
  • "You won't get away!" (Sonic Blizzard)
  • "You're really something else." (Defeat)


  • "Show me the extent of your power." (Pre-battle line, 1st encounter)
  • "I have nothing to say. Fight!" (Pre-battle line, 2nd encounter)
  • "This oughtta hurt!"
  • "You don't KNOW what pain is!!" (Plasma Array)
  • "Take this!" (Electro Breaker)
  • "Too...strong..." (When knocked back)
  • "Commander Epsilon!" (First defeat)
  • "I was weak..." (Second defeat)


  • "Kneel before the mighty Epsilon!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Take this!" (Metacrush)
  • "It isn't over yet!"
  • "This is nothing!" (When knocked back)
  • "Incredible..." (Defeat)

Depth Dragoon

  • "I'll take ya on!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Hey!" (Thunder Clap)
  • "Attaaack!"
  • "The guilty, shall be punished!"
  • "That really hurt!"
  • "It seems...I have lo-ost..." (Defeat)

Colonel Redips

  • "Foul Mavericks! You will perish!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Taste my strength!" (Ballistic)
  • "Not over yet!" (Vicious Assault)
  • "Hrgh! So it takes more to beat you!" (Defeat)

Great Redips

  • "I shall rule over all, for I am invincible!" (Pre-battle line, 1st phase)
  • "Meddling insects!" (Pre-battle line, 2nd phase)
  • "Mortals!"
  • "Behold, my almighty power!"
  • "What the?!"
  • "Impossible... Absolutely impossible!" (Defeat)

Duckbill Mole

  • "Ready to tangle with Duckbill Mole?!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Back in action!" (Mega Fire)
  • "Ready for this?" (Quake Hammer)
  • "It's party time!" (Kamikaze Drill)
  • "You're in for a shock!" (Mantle Assault)
  • "I've got bulldozed!" (When knocked back)
  • "That huuuurt!"


  • "Who are you strangers?!" (Pre-battle line)
  • "Get lost!" (Standard attack)
  • "Look at me!" (Riot, Ultra Blizzard)
  • "Hahahahahahaha!" (Sunburst)
  • "You little..." (When knocked back)

Tails Clan/Ninetails

  • "I challenge you to a fight." (Pre-battle line, Onetail-Eighttails)
  • "My strength is unparalleled." (Pre-battle line, Ninetails)
  • "Ooh cha!" (Standard attack, Stungun, Cracking, Virus Attack, Deep Impact or Self-Destruct)
  • "Hah!" (Ultra Giga Fire, Ultra Giga Blizzard, Ultra Giga Thunder, Hell Gravity, Coercion or SOS)
  • "Cha!" (Puncture Arrows)
  • "Hyo!" (Nine Fragments)
  • "Hyah!" (Annihilator Hadouken)
  • "Aaaaaa!" (When knocked back)

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