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Hyper Mega Man

Hyper Mega Man, known as Hyper Rockman (ハイパーロックマン Haipā Rokkuman?) in Japan, is one of Mega Man's Hyper Combos in Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. With this attack, Mega Man combines with Rush, Eddie and Beat to temporarily become Hyper Mega Man and unleash several attacks on the opponent, firing a giant laser beam from his buster, several missiles from his shoulders, and energy projectiles shaped like Beat, Rush and Eddie from his abdomen and legs.

Hyper Roll


Hyper Roll

Hyper Roll (ハイパーロール Haipā Rōru?) is Roll's version of the attack. Roll combines with Rush, Eddie and Beat to transform and attacks by releasing electricity from her antennae, large missiles from her breasts, and energy projectiles shaped like Beat, Rush and Eddie from her abdomen and legs.

In Roll's ending from Marvel vs. Capcom, Dr. Light asks Roll to stop Dr. Wily and enhances her power by turning her into Hyper Roll.


  • Hyper Mega Man appears to take some design elements from Mazinger Z, while Hyper Roll has elements from Aphrodai A.
  • It's possible that Hyper Roll was inspired from unused plans for the first Mega Man, where Roll would've been kidnapped by Dr. Wily, corrupted and turned into a much larger robot.[1]

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