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Hyleg Ourobockle (ヒューレッグ・ウロボックル Hyūreggu Urobokkuru) is one of the bosses of Mega Man Zero 2. Ourobockle is a Mutos Reploid based on the Ouroboros snake, and was a member of Phantom's Cutting Shadow Squadron. Zero fights against him atop a giant snake Mechaniloid called Altoloid (アルトロイド Arutoroido), and recovers one of the Baby Elves after his defeat, prompting X to appear and warn Zero about the Baby Elves.


  • Hyleg attacks with his claws and tries to catch Zero from below.
  • When he undulates through the Altoloid, the Altoloid will take a diagonal position and Hyleg will throw spring-like objects (they act like slinkies and are sometimes called such by fans).
  • After this, Altoloid moves again and electric spheres will pass through its joint, and then return to the initial position.
  • At A or S rank, the Altoloid will also shoot lasers from its joints when it's in a diagonal position. Defeating him at A or S rank, will give Zero the EX Skill Laser Shot.


Nickname: 幽林の忍蛇 (Yuurin no Ninja, Ninja Snake of Obscure Forest")

EX skill: Joint Laser (ジョイントレーザー)
Hyleg Ourobockle's giant snake Mechaniloid, Altoloid, shoots lasers from its joints when it's in a diagonal position.

Mission: Rescue R.

Zero's EX skill: Laser Shot

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  • Both Hyleg and Altoloid have a cameo appearance in the background of the Area A-2 forest area in Mega Man ZX.
  • Hyleg's name bears resemblances to both "Hydra" and "Ouroboros": Hydra being a many-headed, mythical snake creature, which upon getting one of its heads severed would grow two in its place; and Ouroboros being a symbol of a serpent devouring its own tail, creating a circle, which represents the cycle of life. Also, the word Hyleg in Hellenistic astrology, is the Persian-Arabic term for the planet with the greatest essential dignity. Hyleg, also originates from the Middle Persian word "hîlâk", which means "nativity".
  • Hyleg Ourobockle is referenced by Zero in the audio track "Alouette's Good Day" when he describes the Reploid who had the Baby Elf during one of his missions in Mega Man Zero 2 to Alouette.
  • It resembles SnakeMan.EXE, from Mega Man Battle Network 2. Both characters bodies are their neck and the arms are attached to their head. However, Hyleg has legs, and SnakeMan floats in a jar.