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HotRoader, known as MoeRoader (モエローダー Moerōdā?) in Japan, is a motorized enemy from the Mega Man Star Force series and Rockman ×over.

HotRoader Family

  • HotRoader
  • HotAuto (モエモーター Moemōtā?, MoeMotor)
  • HotTero (モエバイカー Moebaikā?, MoeBiker)
  • HotRoaderG
  • HotAutoG
  • HotTeroG

Battle Cards

Mega Man Star Force

IDBattle CardAttackDescription
043 SF BC 043 Fire Ring 1 60 Far-reaching fire ring boomerang.
044 SF BC 044 Fire Ring 2 90 Far-reaching fire ring boomerang.
045 SF BC 045 Fire Ring 3 120 Far-reaching fire ring boomerang.

Mega Man Star Force 2

IDBattle CardAttackDescription
046 BC SF2 FireRing1 Fire Ring 1 30 Far-reaching 3 fire ring boomerang.
047 BC SF2 FireRing2 Fire Ring 2 60 Far-reaching 3 fire ring boomerang.
048 BC SF2 FireRing3 Fire Ring 3 80 Far-reaching 3 fire ring boomerang.

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