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A Hits Data Chart is a comprehensive chart that lists the amount of hits/shots it takes from Busters and Special Weapons to destroy an enemy in the Mega Man franchise.


Unlike Damage Data Charts which deal primary with damage values that bosses with health meters take in units from other weapons, Hits Data Charts mainly deal with enemies that do not have a health mater. These particular charts serve as a quick reference for players to see how many hits/shots it takes for a certain weapon to destroy an enemy, with the lower the number is, the more effective it is against that enemy, and the less amount of shots it takes to defeat it. For this reason, the weakest weapon in a game will usually (but not always) display the enemy's HP amount in these charts. Hits Data Charts also serve as a guide for players who do not know what the exact attack power for each weapon is, especially in games where may be no unique strengths or weaknesses.
As with Damage Data Charts, some enemies may be immune to some Special Weapons (or even Busters or Sabers), however, so these values are marked as "0". In some instances when an enemy cannot be attacked with a certain weapon due to the nature of the weapon or the enemy, the value will be marked with two dashes: (--). For some weapons that are only capable of immobilizing an enemy (such as Spark Shock and Flash Stopper from the Mega Man series), a "Y" (for yes) or an asterisk ("*") will be used if the enemy can be immobilized; otherwise, an "N" (for no) or a "0" will be used if not. In even rarer cases where striking an enemy will only stun them momentarily (such as a Skeleton Joe from Mega Man 4), this value will be marked with an "X".

Amount of hits that are obtained when the player uses an external cheating device (Game Genie, Pro Action Replay, Gameshark) to attack an enemy with a weapon that was not obtained or otherwise unavailable at a certain point when attacking them will be marked with two dashes, (--), or in current cases, with grey text as shown here.

Hits Data Charts for bosses are not used (except for the example below) because the Damage Data Charts serve the purpose of displaying the attack damages of each weapon used against them. Inversely, Damage Data Charts for enemies are not available until damage values for them are tested and confirmed.


This chart lists the amount of hits/shots it takes for each Special Weapon to defeat each Robot Master in the first Mega Man game.

Mega Man
Mega Buster
Rolling Cutter
Super Arm
Ice Slasher
Hyper Bomb
Fire Storm
Thunder Beam
Cut Man 10 28 2* 0 14 10 28
Guts Man 14 28 28* 0 3 14 28
Ice Man 28 14 -- 0 6 28 3
Bomb Man 14 14 -- 0 28 7 14
Fire Man 14 14 -- 7 28 28 28
Elec Man 28 3 7* 0 14 28 28


  • For Super Arm, Cut Man, Guts Man and Elec Man can only be damaged from it when fighting them in their own stage.

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