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Hippopressor (ヒポポ・プレサー Hipopo Puresā?) is a Mechaniloid boss from Mega Man X: Command Mission that attacks X and Zero at the Lagrano Ruins, and is subsequently destroyed by them.

While this Mechaniloid might have been ordered by Epsilon to destroy X and Zero, it could have just been a Maverick that happened to be in the vicinity and attacked the pair.


Hippopressor is one enemy, but it can be attacked it in two areas: The shark missile and Hippopressor itself.

Hippopressor will lose its head after the body takes at least 12 Combat-type attacks. This reveals the particle cannon which fires of a powerful attack on either X or Zero.

If the shark missile is attacked, it gets damage, but Hippopressor doesn't. However destroying Hippopressor's shark missile cancels the use of it. If it is used though, it deals 500 damage (half of the character's health at the time) to either X or Zero.

Stats and Abilities

Support Units

  • Hippopresser can fire the shark missile (mentioned earlier) and deal 500 damage to X or Zero.
  • Before breaking Hippopressor's head, it can fire a machine gun hidden in its mouth which deals a little damage eight times.
  • After breaking Hippopressor's head and revealing the particle cannon it can fire it at X or Zero dealing some damage to them.



Vs. Hippopressor
Megaman X Command Mission Chapter 1 Boss03:40

Megaman X Command Mission Chapter 1 Boss


  • Hippopressor and Shadow are the only bosses which Zero's theme, "Standby, Zero!", is played during their boss battles.

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