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Hanumachine (ハヌマシーン) is a member of Hidden Phantom's Cutting Shadow Squadron in the Mega Man Zero series. He is a Mutos Reploid based on the Hindu monkey god Hanuman.

Hanumachine is one of the bosses of Mega Man Zero, where he can be fought either after failing in the mission against Hittite Hottide, or after all selectable missions are completed. When he attacked the Resistance Base, he was defeated by Zero in the warehouse. Hanumachine is revived by Dr. Weil in Mega Man Zero 3 as "Hanumachine R", and leads an army to attack the Resistance Base.

Hanumachine can turn into a fireball and ricochet around the room Zero fights him in (in the third game this destroys the blocks occupying the room). He uses fire based attacks, like fireballs, and releases small versions of himself that explode after sticking to Zero. He also has a rod that can expand to a larger size.

It is interesting to note that throughout the battle, Hanumachine R constantly refers to Zero as the "God of Destruction", which gives an early hint at Omega's true identity.


Nickname: 知恵の超猿 (Chie no Chouen, Super Monkey of Knowledge)

EX Skill: 旋棍猿舞 (Spinning Staff Monkey Dance)
In Mega Man Zero, Hanumachine extends his staff and strikes after charging up energy.
In Mega Man Zero 3, Hanumachine spins his staff with both ends ablaze and jumps up to strike.

Mega Man Zero 3 location:
Area: Forest of Anatre
Mission: Engage Neo Arcadia Army
EX Skill: Split Heavens

Mission enemies

Mega Man Zero:

Mega Man Zero 3:



  • Hanumachine shares some design similarities to Buster Rod G, who is based on Sun Wukong (known to many as "Son Gokuu" in the Japanese on'yomi reading). Given Hanumachine's primary use of a staff as a weapon while also being a monkey, Wukong/Gokuu may have had some influence in his design as well.
    • While he shares some design elements with Buster Rod G and Wukong alike, he is inspired by the character Hanuman from the Indian epic Ramayana, especially in terms of name (Hanuman was also the very first inspiration for Sun Wukong himself as well).