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Hangekal (ハンゲカル Hangekaru) is a key-like Reaverbot that appears in Mega Man Legends 2. This Reaverbot is found only on floor B5 of Calinca Ruins (and only on Mega Man Volnutt's first trip there), where three of them run away from Mega Man when they are approached or attacked. Unlike most Reaverbots, they can only be knocked out after being hit so many times. This is due to the fact that Mega Man Volnutt must use the Lifter on all three of them to obtain them as keys to the door containing the Rimblemenji and the last key to the Mother Lode. When they recover or Mega Man hesitates in lifting them up, they will give chase and start the process anew. It doesn't help that a giant Janfoden (in a frozen lake in the middle of the area) might launch homing missiles when Mega Man gets too close, and the Ice Horokkos which pop up in groups every so often.


  • Like in Manda Ruins, the music changes slightly while in this floor. Here, the main melody is gone and only the backing sound plays.
MML2 Hangekaru

As seen on Calinca Ruins

  • Mega Man can walk without slipping in this floor without the Cleated Shoes, as there is only snow. Although he will need the Cleated Shoes again when Rimblemenji conjures up the iced platforms.