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Hanged Reploid (吊られレプリロイド?) is an enemy exclusively found in Morph Moth's stage, the Robot Junkyard from Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme. They usually hang from an energy strand (a nod to the hangman's noose) inside the junkyard facility. However, if X tries to pass underneath them, the "noose" breaks, they drop, and come to life to attack X. If X attacks them while they're hanging, he can either hit their body, head, or noose, each culminating in a different result:

  • Body: The head will keep hanging, and will awake just to start launching flame shots diagonally downwards. In Mega Man Xtreme, the head shoots energy shots.
  • Head: The noose will break and the dead body will fall and explode into the ground. In Mega Man Xtreme however, the whole body will explode.
  • Noose: The whole Hanged Reploid will fall and come to life.

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