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Gyro Soul is a transformation that only appears in MegaMan Battle Netowork 5: Team Protoman and Rockman EXE Stream.


  • Airshoes: MegaMan can stand on holes.
  • Floatshoes: MegaMan is immune to the harmful effects of panels.
  • Using a non-dimming Wind chip will make his propeller spin, doubling the damage of the next non-dimming Wind or non-elemental chip.
  • Charge Shot: Tornado Arm (Covers the 3 panels ahead of MegaMan, hitting a number of times depending on how far the enemy is. It hits once for the panel directly in front, twice for the next, thrice for the last. Each hit does 20 damage, with an additional 5 damage for each increase in Buster rank.)
  • Weakness: Tornado Arm does little damage against enemies that like to move up close.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • CloudMan.EXE - Tornado Arm will wipe out all clouds that threaten to paralyze MegaMan while consistently hitting CloudMan thrice since he sits in the back row.
    • Nebula Grey - Airshoes and Floatshoes allow for free movement despite the cracking of panels by this boss.
    • Bass.EXE - With Darkness Overload and Chaos Nightmare, a lot of your field will be cracked. Airshoes and Floatshoes will prevent you from running out of space to move.

Competitive Play

  • Gyro Soul is popular since its x2 bonus is easily activated by simply using an Air Shot battle chip, which in itself is easy to use for getting Counter Hits. The Airshoes and Floatshoes also allow for almost uninhibited movement.

CGyroEmo Chaos Soul

MegaMan's Charge Shot becomes Dark Tornado, which hits the second panel ahead of MegaMan 8 times for 50 damage each. If the Tornado hits, more Tornadoes are created around the original.

Rockman EXE Stream

Gyro Soul is the only soul that MegaMan.EXE receives in this season.

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