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Gyro Cannon (ジャイロキャノン) is a flying Mechaniloid enemy from Mega Man Zero 1 and 3. It attacks by firing in two diagonal directions and dropping bombs. If the propeller is destroyed first, it will fall and be unable to move, attacking only with the two cannons. If the cannon goes first, the propeller will fly and hit a ceiling, destroying it.

Gyro Cannon H

Gyro Cannon H is a modified Gyro Cannon from Mega Man Zero 4. It acts like the Gyro Cannon, except that if the cannon part is destroyed first, the propeller will slowly fly up, and Zero can hang on it to reach high places.


Cutting Gyro

Cutting Gyro (カッティングジャイロ) is a modified Gyro Cannon from Mega Man ZX. If the cannon is destroyed first, the propellers will spin through the floor to cut enemies. It no longer releases bombs. It's called Gyrocutter in Mega Man ZX Advent.

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