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Gyotot (ギョットット Gyottotto?), named Robot Fish in the Mega Man (Game Gear) instruction manual, is a fish-like robot enemy in Mega Man 4. It mainly appears in Toad Man's stage (near the end of the stage) and Dive Man's stage (in the beginning). If Mega Man is on a platform or nearby, Gyotot will leap out of the water to attack.

They appear in Dive Man's stage in Mega Man III.

They appear again in Toad Man's Stage in Mega Man IV and Mega Man for the Game Gear.

Other media

In Ruby-Spears' Mega Man cartoon show episode titled "Robosaur Park", Dr. Wily launches a group of flying Gyotot-like robots to pick up Proto Man, Cut Man, Guts Man and Toad Man after their defeat.

Gyotot also appears in the Rockman 4 manga.



  • "Gyo" is Japanese for fish.

Similar enemies

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