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Guardian Battle Chip.

Guardian, known as Ojizou-san (オジゾウサン) in Japan, is an obstacle type Battle Chip from the Mega Man Battle Network series. It freezes time and places the statue depicted in the Battle Chip in front of the NetNavi that used it. Whomever strikes the statue will be hit by its attack "Punisher" which deals 200 points worth of damage automatically. Its letter code is O and is considered a Mega Chip except in Mega Man Battle Network 2 and Mega Man Battle Network 6.


  • Despite "Punisher's" lightning strike, its element is considered normal with the exception being in Mega Man Battle Network 2.
  • A Vision Burst of ACDC Town in Mega Man Battle Network 5 reveals three statues similar to the Guardian Battle Chip appear in the Metroline's location.
  • In Mega Man Battle Network 6, if the player has the Unlocker Sub Chip as he/she jacks into the electrical chair's network, Guardian will be the earliest and easiest 5-star chip that he/she obtains.