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Guard Orotic
Guard orotic sprite

Guard Orotic (ガード・オロティック Gādo Orotikku?) is the boss from the "Occupy Factory" mission of Mega Man Zero. It's a Mechaniloid based on the eight-headed serpent Orochi, and was originally created to be a rescue Mechaniloid. After it's defeat, the Resistance gains control over the factory, and Zero receives the Flame Chip.

It has four ways to attack, each used by two heads depending on the heads' color: Normal attack (orange), fire attack (red), electric attack (green), and ice attack (blue), always in this order. It can also shoot projectiles from its core if the player has a high rank. The heads can be destroyed, but they will be replaced after some time. It's weak point is the core in the center only when it's exposed.


Nickname: 不死身の守護大蛇 (Fujimi no Shugo Daija, Immortal Great Snake Guardian)
EX skill: Core Vulcan (コアバルカン): Orotic will shoot several bullets from its core.

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