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This page is about the Robot Master Ground Man. To see information on his NetNavi counterpart, see GroundMan.EXE.

Ground Man (グランドマン Gurandoman) is one of the first three selectable bosses in Mega Man & Bass, alongside Astro Man and Cold Man. He is a Robot Master created by King to excavate ruins, but sometimes hoards treasure that he finds for his own personal collection without consulting his leader. He likes excavating with passion and only stops when ordered to do so. He's said to be the most powerful robot from King's army. Ground Man is a deep thinker, but hardly ever speaks and is very unsociable. His main weapon is the Spread Drill, a drill-like missile that can separate into smaller drills. He can also transform into a small drill-shaped machine, being invincible during the attack, and uses a giant drill when in the ceiling.


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Stage enemies

Enemies in Ground Man's stage:

Other media

Rockman 8 (manga)

Ground Man and King's other robots appear in the Rockman 8 manga, but with the exception of Pirate Man, they leave shortly after their appearance.

Rockman & Forte

In the Rockman & Forte manga, Ground Man is causing earthquakes in the city. Mega Man and Bass defeat him by taking his giant drill and using it against him.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

In the Mega Man comic from Archie Comics, Ground Man first appears alongside most of the other Robot Masters from the series as part of Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman's Robot Master army in the Worlds Collide crossover with the Sonic the Hedgehog comic. During the battle he apparently approached Knuckles the Echidna, one of Sonic's allies, but seems to have been unsuccessful in defeating him given the latter's continued participation in the battle. This battle was only possible due to the strange reality of the Skull Egg Zone and the altered reality created by the Genesis Wave, which was undone by Mega Man at the end of the crossover.



Groundman bust
  • Ground Man was originally called "Drill Man" by his designer, Rockman X author Iwamoto Yoshihiro. As there was already a Drill Man in Mega Man 4, his name had to be changed.
    • Some changes to his appearance include removing a W from his forehead, and drills from his finger tips. The former was possibly done to prevent players from discovering Wily was involved before the confrontation with King in his castle.
  • Ground Man is one of the few Robot Masters that can transform into a vehicle. The others are Turbo Man, Galaxy Man, and Nitro Man.