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BC SF2 BlackHole1

Grabity, known as Hell Black (ヘルブラック) in Japan, is a black hole-like enemy with two cables, one green and other yellow. It is found in all three Mega Man Star Force games. Unlike others viruses, only sword type Battle Cards affect it, including Mega Cards (e.g. Wolf Woods). This virus will move on the same row as the player and has two attacks:

  • ???: Fires projectiles shaped like various planets down it's row. While it uses this attack its cables turn green.
  • ???: It will drain a large portion of Mega Man's health. Before it uses this attack its cables turns yellow. (Note: This attack will not inflict damage if the player has 1 HP)

Grabity family

  • Grabity
    • GrabityG
  • Grabotron (キラーブラック, Killer Black)
    • GrabotronG
  • Grabaklone (デビルブラック, Devil Black)
    • GrabakloneG

Battle Cards

Black Hole (ブラックホール) Battle Cards can be obtained from defeated Grabity viruses.

Mega Man Star Force

IDBattle CardDescriptionAttackElement
Standard Card 112SF BC 112
Standard Card 113SF BC 113
Standard Card 114SF BC 114

Mega Man Star Force 2

IDBattle CardDescriptionAttackElementStar Carrier no.
Standard Card 112BC SF2 BlackHole1BlackHole1 Emy w/ less than 100 HP are deleted. - BC Element Null None 23356
Standard Card 113BC SF2 BlackHole2BlackHole2 Emy w/ less than 130 HP are deleted. - BC Element Null None 23539
Standard Card 114BC SF2 BlackHole3BlackHole3 Emy w/ less than 160 HP are deleted. - BC Element Null None 24031

Mega Man Star Force 3

IDBattle CardDescriptionAttackElement
Standard Card 115BC SF2 BlackHole1
Standard Card 116BC SF2 BlackHole2
Standard Card 117BC SF2 BlackHole3
Illegal CardBlackHoleX