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Gospel (ゴスペル?), known as Grave in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime and manga, was a criminal organization that existed only for the duration of the game Mega Man Battle Network 2.


Video Games

It was run by a young boy named Sean Obihiro, (Shun in Japan) whom life had been cruel to for years. He created an internet alias and began making friends, eventually creating the Gospel netmafia to get his revenge on the world. Some of the more deadly plots (almost) carried out by Gospel included ShadowMan and CutMan's attempted destruction of all government servers, FreezeMan's orchestration of the "Civilization Destruction Plan," and the ultimate attempt by the leader of Gospel himself to create unlimited numbers of Bass through a bug fusion (which failed miserably and created a super Multibug Organism also called Gospel). During the creation and destruction of Gospel, Sean and Lan Hikari were almost destroyed by dangerous radioactive magnetic pulsations from Sean's super-computer, which created a half-Net world around the town the battle took place. Luckily, when Gospel was destroyed, so was the cyber-armor that had taken control of Sean and brainwashed him with one of Lord Wily's own custom brainwashing programs, as well as the super-computer. Unfortunately, it also gave way to the true Bass.EXE.



  • Sean Obihiro - The founder of Gospel. He was actually manipulated by Lord Wily who used him as a puppet leader.
  • Gauss Magnus - The CEO of Gauss Inc. He was bitter because his brother Count Zap got more of the family fortune than him. His NetNavi is MagnetMan.EXE.
  • Arashi Kazefuki - He disguised himself as a mechanic to sabotage Yai Ayanokoji's ventilation system and use the gas he emitted to hold Yai hostage. In the anime, Arashi was the head of a small company that was outdone by AyanoTech and wanted revenge. His NetNavi is AirMan.EXE.
  • Speedy Dave - A park ranger that operated near Okuden Valley's dam. He was angry that people were destroying the environment. His NetNavi is QuickMan.EXE.
  • Dusk / Mr. Dark. An assassin-for-hire who was paid to work for Gospel. His NetNavi is ShadowMan.EXE.
  • Princess Pride - The Princess of Creamland. She worked for Gospel in hopes that they would spare CreamLand. In the anime, Princess Pride working for Gospel never occurred. Her NetNavi is KnightMan.EXE.
  • CutMan.EXE - No known operator. He served ShadowMan. In the anime, CutMan.EXE also had five younger brothers who wanted revenge on MegaMan.EXE after he deleted their brother.
  • FreezeMan.EXE - A Solo NetNavi.

Base of Operations

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