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Gli-eye sprite

Gli-Eye (グライアイ Guraiai?) is a flying enemy from the Mega Man Zero series that, functionally, are like one-eyed successors of the Batton Bones of the Mega Man X series. It appears hanging on the ceiling, and then flies in the direction of enemies that approach it.

Video game appearances

In the first game, Gli-Eye appears during the mission Zero faces Sage Harpuia and the Neo Arcadia Tower stage. In Mega Man Zero 2, it appears in Phoenix Magnion's stage and in Yggdrasil.

Gli-Eye also appears in one of Zero's attacks in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.

Other media

One Gli-Eye is used as a camera by Sage Harpuia in the Rockman Zero manga to spy on Zero.

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