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User:wariomanp date: 2010 may 8

I was wondering what are peoples thought on paying for Dlc, I personally have no problem since the content is worth every penny but what are your thought should megaman have dlc included for 18$ or was it smarter to cut the game to 10$ to boost sale than later make the Dlc optional for the more hardcore megaman players.

Another reason I have no problem with the dlc is that a traditional megaman game is only 8 main bosses, a wily castle, smooth control and great music and megaman 10 already has all that and it usually cost you 50$ for a new game like this back in the NES era. Megaman 10 also includes protoman, time attack, challenges, and a Scoreboard with replays for free with the traditional megaman game, at a price of 10$ its a sweet deal.

so... what are your thoughts on it.

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