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GateMan.EXE is Mr. Famous' first NetNavi in the Mega Man Battle Network series and the first NetNavi created from a boss character contest. GateMan has a gate on his chest that he opens up to attack.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 2

Mr. Famous uses GateMan to test the NetBattlers at the Official Center.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Beast

GateMan appears as a Zoanoroid and finds Zoano NumberMan and interrogates him about Trill, learning that Trill is with Rockman.EXE. Zoano GateMan then invades the computer system of a ship which Netto is on, waiting for an opportunity to get Trill.

Being a follower of Falzar, Zoano GateMan is not pleased when Zoano QuickMan, a follower of Gregar, attacks the same ship, and so helps Netto dispose of him. At the same time, he demands that Netto hand over Trill, or else he will not release Yuichiro and Meiru, who are both trapped in a submarine and are running out of air. Attacking Zoano GateMan is not feasible, either, as he has control of the ship's systems.

Trill eventually gives himself up to Zoan GateMan despite Netto's and Iris' protests. Even when Zoan GateMan has Trill, he still proceeds to attack Rockman. Trill reaches out for Rockman, involuntarily causing them to fuse, resulting in Rockman using Beast Out. G-Beast Rockman then chases Zoan GateMan back and forth through the system.

Zoano GateMan takes advantage of G-Beast Rockman's berserk state to use him to cause damage to the systems. Soon, G-Beast Rockman grows tired of playing cat-and-mouse, and changes to F-Beast Rockman, swiftly catching up to Zoan GateMan and deleting him.



GateMan's emblem

  • Gate Cannon: His chest opens up and a cannon appears. The cannon fires a blast down the row it's on. To dodge, move to the row above or below.
  • Gate Soldier: His chest opens up and mini sword wielding soldiers come out to attack. This attack is tricky because the soldiers follow MegaMan up and down the panels. But they can be destroyed.
  • Remote Gate: He summons a gate which sets in front of GateMan's front column. It moves up and down the rows as the player would, blocking any attempt to attack GateMan. After a while, it will open up and attack with a hand and stop moving. For this moment, GateMan is vulnerable. The gate is also vulnerable while it is open.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 2

GateMan chips are obtained by defeating GateMan and his stronger versions. They summon GateMan, who attacks with Gate Soldier, the first chip releasing three soldiers, GateMan V2 four soldiers, and GateMan V3 five soldiers.

GateMan SP could only be obtained in Capcom events in Japan. In the Virtual Console release, the chip is put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen. When used, GateMan appears and attacks with Gate Cannon.

IDBattle ChipDescriptionAttackElementCodeSizeRarity
236MMBN2Chip236GateMan 3 soldiers charge forward!40BC Element Null G, *24 MB***
237MMBN2Chip237GateManV2 4 soldiers charge forward!40BC Element Null G, *40 MB****
238MMBN2Chip238GateManV3 5 soldiers charge forward!40BC Element Null G, *56 MB*****
- (261)MMBN2Chip261GateSP Cannon of another dimension!300BC Element Null G, *50 MB -

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

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