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The Gargarfummi (ガルガルフンミー Garugarufunmī) is a giant frog-like Reaverbot boss from Mega Man Legends 2 who is the guardian of the Manda Ruins. Gargarfummi ate one of the keys to the Mother Lode, and Mega Man Volnutt must defeat it to obtain the key.

Gargarfummi is a resistant Reaverbot that attacks with its long tongue, bubbles, and a paralyzing mist if Mega Man is standing on the same platform. It also hops between the four platforms in the room. It's weak spot is the mouth but it can also be damaged by hitting it while it is on its back after it does a big jump.

In the room are four platforms or varying heights, spinning blades in the edges that move from one corner to another and Otamarns at the ground in the middle which makes it hard to get a vantage point or a clear path to circle or strafe the Gargarfummi.

A stronger Gargarfummi with different colors appears on the last area of Elysium alongside other three boss Reaverbots; introducing the Mega Man tradition of fighting against bosses again in the final stages to the Mega Man Legends series.


Balfura (バルフラー Barufurā) is an orange-colored flying Reaverbot that appears in the same room. It drops Energy Cubes and Special Weapon Recharge Cubes after being destroyed. If Gargarfummi is running low on health, it will eat a Balfura by sticking its tongue at it. A new Balfura will appear when one is destroyed.


Otamarns (オタマーン Otamān) are blue tadpole-like Reaverbots that float in the lower floor at the middle of the room. If Mega Man ends up in the lower middle floor, the four Otamarns will swarm him relentlessly until he runs out of life or jumps out. It takes a lot of shots to destroy each, and they go belly up before exploding. A new Otamarn will spawn in the middle of the room in a few moments afterwards. Mega Man can lift and throw the Otamarns, which can be used to harm Gargarfummi.



  • The name Otamarn is derived from "otamajakushi", Japanese for tadpole.