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Gamma (ガンマ Ganma?) is a giant robot constructed by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily before and during the events of Mega Man 3 for the purpose of peacekeeping and enforcement. During Gamma's construction, Dr. Wily feigned peacefulness, gaining Dr. Light's trust and assistance long enough to complete the robot. Dr. Wily's true intentions were to use the enormous creation as a weapon, furthering his evil plans for world domination.


Gamma is the final boss of Mega Man 3. In its first form, it has a small blue head that shoots from its mouth. The simplest way to defeat this form is to stand directly underneath the head and use Shadow Blade. Alternately, the head is also weak to Hard Knuckle. After destroying the small head, Wily completes Gamma's head and controls him, attacking with shots and punches. Gamma's second form is very vulnerable to Top Spin, and can be defeated in seconds by using it rapidly against Wily. If desiring more of a challenge, use the Search Snake.

Damage Data Chart

Amount of damage in units that Gamma receives from each Special Weapon in Mega Man 3.

Mega Man 3

Mega Buster Needle Cannon Magnet Missile Gemini Laser Hard Knuckle Top Spin Search Snake Spark Shock Shadow Blade
Phase 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 2
Phase 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0
  • Top Spin can take advantage of Gamma Phase 2's lack of invincibility frames to chain multiple damage frames together, possibly defeating Gamma Phase 2 in a single attack.

Other media

Captain N: The Game Master

In the cartoon, Gamma is a giant yellow ball robot with blue details. He has a large smile and the peace symbol drawn on him, as Gamma was originally created for peace. It also has a cockpit in the top of his head, where Dr. Wily controls it.

Rockman Gigamix

In the manga, Gamma appeared in the story "Asteroid Blues", which is based on the events of Mega Man 3. Mega Man fights against him in space. Gamma also had a brief appearance in the beginning of the story "Metal Heart" from Mega Man Megamix.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Gamma made a brief appearance in Mega Man #20, Rock of Ages, when Mega Man was transported to the time of Mega Man 3. Mega Man's reaction to Gamma's presence implied that he had at least witnessed him before.

Gamma was also briefly mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 250, by Dr. Light, when noting the prior instances where Mega Man saved Wily from himself when his plans were a success, hinting that Gamma might have either betrayed him or otherwise gone completely out of his control.

Gamma's first appearance in the main story is in Mega Man #36, where Dr. Light reveals to Dr. Wily that he was working on Gamma, a robot big and powerful enough to handle any kind of global crisis and hazards, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornados. After completing the first line of Robot Masters, Gamma was his next big goal. He had a number of robots building the basic structure and he put the final touches. Days later Gamma is completed and unveiled at Mega City's Titanium Park, but Wily's third generation of Robot Masters appear and steal the eight Energy Elements from Gamma's mouth.



  • Gamma (Γ) is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. He is the first in the Mega Man franchise to have a Greek letter for a name although three other characters, Epsilon (Ε), Sigma (Σ) and Omega (Ω), share the same naming convention.
  • Gamma's small head during its first form seems to have the Greek letter, Gamma (Γ), on its forehead.
  • In Mega Man X5, Sigma's final form is modeled after Gamma, and has a very similar attack pattern, from deadly spiked fists to shooting energy spheres. In addition, a portion of Gamma's theme can be heard during the fight.
  • Gamma shares the same name as E-102 Gamma from Sonic Adventure.

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