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Mm7 gamerizer
Mm7 spotaro
Gamerizer (above) and Spotaro (below).

Gamerizer (ガメライザー Gameraizā?) is the boss of the second Wily Castle stage in Mega Man 7. He spits flames that can damage and stun Mega Man (like Turbo Man's Scorch Wheel), charge at Mega Man while in his shell, and lift off to send mini-turtles called Spotaro at him.

For Gamerizer, hit his head with a charged Wild Coil. For the little Spotaros, the best bet is with Slash Claw or Thunder Bolt.

With good timing one can also use Danger Wrap on the Spotaros to wrap them into bubbles and then push them into Gamerizer's head to deal eight damage.

Above where the three Spotaros appear, a number will show what actions they will do when they leave the shell:

  1. Walk forward and jump a few times.
  2. Spin around the room.
  3. Bury underground and resurface.

After a while, Spotaros that weren't destroyed will return to Gamerizer's shell.


  • Gamerizer is based on Gamera, a giant turtle monster.
  • This boss is similar in appearance and abilities to Thunderbird 2 from Gerry Anderson's "Thunderbirds".

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