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Gachappon (ガチャッポン Gachappon?) is an enemy from Mega Man 4. It was a big gashapon vending machine robot, but was modified to shoots energy shots from its mouth and launch other projectiles in various arcs from its top. They appear in Bright Man's stage, Dust Man's stage, and the second section of Wily Castle. The Drill Bomb can defeat it quickly with little trouble.

Hits Data Chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Gachappon.

Mega Man 4
Mega Buster Flash Stopper Rain Flush Drill Bomb Pharaoh Shot Ring Boomerang Dust Crusher Dive Missile Skull Barrier Wire
12:12:4 Y:12 3 2:2 6:2 4 4 12 12 ?

Similar Enemies

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