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Frongel (フロンゲル Furongeru) is a frog-like Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends 2 that appears in the ruins from Manda Island. They appear in groups and jump around to hit Mega Man Volnutt, and can jump as high as Mega Man to prevent him jumping over them. Because of their impeccable poker face, it is unclear as to whether this is an actual strategy or just the sign of someone not wanting to be out-jumped. In some areas they appear to be in a trance, as they will simply hop along a straight line or guard a spot by jumping in almost the same time as Mega Man. Lifting them up and throwing them will cause them to chase Mega Man like most Frongels. In the first battle against Bola, Frongels fall from the ceiling and Bola can make them run wildly around the room. There is also a red variety with a small flame on its head that will burn Mega Man if touched.