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The Fossa Ambience (フォッサアンビエンス Fossa Anbiensu?) is a portal in space and time used by the Zoanoroid factions to travel between Beyondard and the regular world. The most notable use of it was when Zoano DarkMan used it to escape back into Beyondard with Iris.EXE and Trill. It was used also by Lan Hikari when he used Cross Fusion with MegaMan.EXE and Trill to create the invincible Juuka Form and fight the Super Cybeast. To use the Fossa Ambience, a special transmitter sends a signal out to a receiver somewhere in Beyondard, and that receiver rips a hole in space and time, allowing the person who used it to travel either to Beyondard or the regular world, depending on the one the user is positioned.

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