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The Forces of Darkness is a group of Dark Navis (not to be confused with DS Navis) formed by DarkMan.EXE in the MegaMan NT Warrior manga.



The Forces of Darkness was formed by DarkMan to destroy the real world and remake it into a realm of darkness for Dark NetNavis to rule. They would accomplish this by resurrecting Bass.EXE and turning him into a Dark NetNavi, by using Dark Power (闇の力) to fuse him with what remained of the Grave Virus Beast. After his rebirth, Bass GS was to remake the world into a paradise for Dark NetNavis.


Quartet of Evil:

The Quartet of Evil, known as the "Four Heavenly Kings of Darkness" (闇の四天王) in Japan.



  • Alpha (used as an incubator for Bass)
  • Viruses (mutated by Dark Power)


  • Bass GS (created by them; not a member)

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