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Foot Holder (フットホールダー Futto Hōrudā?) is a nearly (see below) invincible elevator robot that carries heavy objects. They are usually found where there are large gaps (like in Ice Man's stage) or a large gorge of spikes (like in the first Wily Castle stage). They are dangerous because they shoot from their sides. They come in red and green.

Foot Holders reappear in Mega Man Powered Up, but they now follow set paths. On Easy Mode, they will simply fly backwards and forwards (and are often seen next to the extra blocks placed only on Easy mode that cover spiked pits and hazards). On Normal mode, they move diagonally through the air. Foot Holders can be destroyed using a fully charged Mega Buster shot or with a Proto Strike, which is not recommended. They give 400 points and never drop any items. On Hard Mode they can shoot at you.

They also appear in the 1st Stage of the Wily Tower in Mega Man: The Wily Wars.


Properide (プロペライド Puroperaido?) is an indestructible platform from Mega Man 7. They are found in Junk Man's stage, and are docile until a junk block from a chute above them slams onto their head (which appears to annoy them). Bits of junk will then be fired from the block until it is destroyed, after which the Properide will return to its normal behavior. Their name is a combination of the words "propeller" and "ride."



Unused Properide sprites from Power Battle.

  • Unused sprites found in Mega Man: The Power Battle show that the Properide was planned to appear in the game, but was left out or removed from gameplay at some point during the games development.

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