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The Flutter (フラッター号 Furattā Gou?) is a small airship from the Mega Man Legends series belonging to Barrell Caskett. His granddaughter, Roll Caskett, usually pilots the Flutter and takes care of it. This ship is the home for Barrell, Roll, Mega Man Volnutt, and Data.

In Mega Man Legends, the Flutter crash landed on Kattelox Island.

Bad things have a habit of happening to the Flutter, including its crash on Kattelox Island and being set on fire by a clumsy robot monkey. The interior is actually much larger than it appears from outside, allowing the crew to live comfortably, as evidenced by the many luxuries one may purchase for it in Mega Man Legends 2.


Flutter's specifications in the first game.

  • Length: 20.94 m (60.70 ft)
  • Height: 20.94 m (60.70 ft)
  • Max. speed: 503 km/h (312.54 mph)

Other appearances

The Flutter, alongside the Gesellschaft, made a cameo appearance in Issue 35 of the Archie Comics Mega Man comic series in the X Factor: Part 2.


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