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Kamadoma (カマドーマー Kamadōmā?), known as Flea in some English sources, is a small jumping cricket robot from the Mega Man series that was once used to drive pests away from crops.



Mega Man

Kamadoma is found in the stages of Cut Man, Bomb Man and Elec Man and the first Wily stage.

Mega Man Powered Up

Flea reappears in the remake from the first game. On Easy mode, they simply jump back and forth in a short, high arc. On other difficulty modes they act as normal.

Other appearances

Mega Man Legacy Collection data

A robot made to protect crops from pests.

HP: 01

AT: 02

Weakness: Mega Buster

Other media

Kamadomas have short appearances in Mega Man #2, Mega Man Megamix, and the Rockman manga.



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