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Flame Man
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This article is about the original Flame Man. For his NetNavi counterpart, see FlameMan.EXE.

Flame Man (フレイムマン Fureimuman?) is a Robot Master from Mega Man 6 originally created to generate a large amount of thermal power, which is also his energy source. Although this is a somewhat outdated power source, it gives him more stability than robots with solar energy. Flame Man was later modified so he can use his thermal energy for fire attacks, released in the form of a flamethrower on his arm. With it, not only can he can attack from a distance with searing balls of fire, but he can utilize his Special Weapon, the Flame Blast, to scorch opponents with flames that erupt from the ground.

Mega Man 6

In the First Annual Robot Competition, he was reprogrammed by Mr. X to help him conquer the world, but was defeated by Mega Man. His weakness is the Wind Storm, due to its ability to weaken him by cooling him down and blowing out the flames he produces. Flame Man is very punctual, as he has to refill his thermal energy three times a day, which makes him very demanding for oil. He sports a turban and likes to take care of his mustache, but is somewhat fussy and dislikes using cheap oil to power himself.


Flame Man attacks by shooting three slow fireballs. They can be avoided by jumping over them one by one. He also jumps high, and can land over Mega Man if he is not careful enough. The player can avoid it by moving to the side Mega Man has more room when Flame Man lands. He also attacks by putting his flamethrower on the floor and sending Flame Blasts, consisting of several pillars of fire rising from the floor that block any attack. It is avoided by jumping over them when they are about to rise and towards Flame Man so Mega Man lands on a safe spot where the rest of the fire doesn't reaches him - however the location of the Flame Blast pillars can be a bit unpredictable and sometimes jumping will result in getting hit. His weakness is Wind Storm, which not only greatly damages Flame Man, but also ignores the Flame Blast and still makes it to hit Flame Man. It defeats him in seven hits.

Rockman Strategy

Flame Man is a recurring enemy and optional teammate in the game Rockman Strategy. He joins Bomb Man and Aries at the Steelmaking Factory in Northern Asia, before appearing in Dr. Wily's laboratory in Saudi Arabia to aid the Wily Machine. In this second battle, he fights alongside Frost Man, Spark Man, and Metal Man.


Mega Man 6 Stats

Energy: Thermal Power
Height: 155 cm (5'1")
Weight: 98 kg (216 lbs)
Attack: 84
Defense: 93
Mobile: 88

Mega Man & Bass CD data


Stage enemies

Enemies that appears in Flame Man's stage, an Arabian temple with many oil pools.

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of damage in units that Flame Man will receive from each Special Weapon in Mega Man 6.

Mega Man 6
Mega Buster Blizzard Attack Centaur Flash Flame Blast Knight Crush Plant Barrier Silver Tomahawk Wind Storm Yamato Spear Rush Power Adapter Beat
1:3 1 0 1 1 0 1 4 1 2:2 0

Other media

Mega Man Megamix

Flame Man appeared in the story "The Strongest Enemy to Date" from the manga, where he is an Arabian robot that entered in the first World Robot Championship.

He also later reappears in Rockman Gigamix in the story "Moon of Darkness", where he is defeated by Uranus.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Flame Man is featured in the Archie Comics Mega Man line, making his debut during the Worlds Collide crossover event. Together with many of the Robot Masters, he takes part in a battle against Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man's allies. He joins up with Pharaoh Man, Heat Man, Magma Man, and Burner Man to attack Blaze the Cat, but ends up having his firepower-and that of his accomplices-turned against him by the pyrokinetic Cat. This was an early appearance for Flame Man, as prior to the crossover the Mega Man comic hadn't yet completed it's Super Adventure Rockman adapt, which in the comics is set between Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3.

Other appearances

Flame Man also appeared in the manga Rockman 6 and Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin, and is in exposition in the robot museum from the manga Rockman & Forte.



  • Flame Man makes a cameo appearance in Mega Man 7. He can be seen in the background of the Robot Museum stage.
  • Due to his appearance in the Weapons Archive and the order of the release of Mega Man 10's special stages, Flame Man and Strike Man are the first two robot masters to be weak against a Mega Man Killer's weapon.
  • The jewel on Flame Man's head is green, but due to color limitation of the NES, it is orange in his Mega Man 6 mugshot.
  • Flame Man's weapon, Flame Blast, is one of Mega Man's moves in the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for the WiiU and 3DS. It serves as his Down Smash attack, during which he crouches down and points both Busters at the ground, charges up, and blasts an eruption of flames upwards from the ground at either side of him, scorching nearby opponents and launching them into the air.
  • Flame Man is believed to represent Saudi Arabia.

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