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Firewall is a boss in the game Mega Man Network Transmission. Firewall was set up by the "Professor" to prevent Lan and MegaMan from getting deeper into the Undernet and stopping the Life Virus.


  • WallSpikes (1000) - These spikes will instantly kill MegaMan. They are found at the left edge of the screen, and a conveyor belt is constantly pulling MegaMan towards them.
  • WallLaser (120) - One of the cannons shoots a laser that can adjust its angle towards MegaMan.
  • WallGun (70) - One of the cannons fires a tiny pellet.
  • WallBlast (150) - The central cannon charges up and shoots a huge blast across the screen.
  • WallMissile (80) - Once one of the cannons is destroyed, the other cannon shoots homing missiles (these missiles can be destroyed).

Hit Points: 1000 (center cannon), 400 (top and bottom cannons)

Element: None

The Firewall is defeated once the center cannon is destroyed.

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