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For the Fire element, see Elements.

Fire is a hazard in the Mega Man franchise.

Mega Man series

In the first Mega Man, its remake Mega Man Powered Up, in Mega Man: The Wily Wars and Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, there is a Fire Block (炎放射ブロック? "Flame Emitting Block") that periodically unleashes flames. The flames can be frozen with Ice Slasher. It is more common in Fire Man's stage, but also appears in other stages.

Mega Man 7 has fire blocks similar to the ones from the first Mega Man game, with a timer showing when they will release the flames. The flames can be frozen with Freeze Cracker.

Mega Man Zero series

In Mega Man Zero 4, the Caravan settlement in Area Zero is set on fire by Neo Arcadia and Zero must extinguish the flames.

Mega Man Battle Network series

In Mega Man Battle Network, FireMan sets fire on the oven and MegaMan must extinguish virtual flames to reach him.

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