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Fighter Plane, known as Zero Plane (ゼロプレーン Zero Purēn?) in Japan, is a virus in the Mega Man Battle Network series. It attacks by releasing gun shots or using its propeller.

Fighter Plane Family


FighterPlane FighterPlane is the standard variety.


FighterPlane2 FighterPlane2 is a green variety.


FighterPlane3 FighterPlane3 is a red variety.


FighterPlaneSP FighterPlaneSP is a special black variety.


RareFighterPlane RareFighterPlane is a rare variety.


RareFighterPlane2 RareFighterPlane2 is a rare variety.

Battle Chips

Fighter Plane viruses drop the Battle Chip Air Raid (エアレイド Ea Reido?).

IDBattle ChipDescription
142BN6Chip142AirRaid1Attack enemy w/ flying FighterPlane10TypeObstacle
143BN6Chip143AirRaid2Attack enemy w/ flying FighterPlane10TypeObstacle
144BN6Chip144AirRaid3Attack enemy w/ flying FighterPlane10TypeObstacle

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