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Fighter Aircraft (戦闘機 Sentou Ki) is the first sub-boss of Splash Warfly's stage from Mega Man X7. It is a bird-like fighter aircraft that attacks with two machine guns and spits fireballs from its afterburner. The aircraft itself is immobile, but is mounted on a platform that spins and moves around on a rail in the floor.


The Fighter Aircraft sprays shots wildly at a downward angle as it spins about the deck, not specifically aiming at the player. Its shots have a fairly limited range, making them easy to avoid. The fireballs it launches explode into a pillar of flames on contact with the deck and remain for a few seconds. However, with the spacious battleground the deck provides, all of aircrafts attacks are barely much cause for concern.

Also, coming in contact with the aircrafts platform does not inflict damage, making it possible to run along next to the aircraft and shoot it at close-range as its projectiles fly harmlessly overhead. Volt Tornado is a good weapon to use since it can tear away a lot of its health.



  • Before the fight against the sub-boss, two small Fighter Aircrafts can be seen exploding in the stage.