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A cat in Mega Man Legends.

Felidae is the family of cats. Its subfamilies are Pantherinae, which includes apex predatory megafauna such as tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, and others, and Felinae, including all the non-pantherine cats, like the small, furry, domestic cat ( neko). Cats are obligate carnivores; they must consume meat to survive. Therefore, they are sometimes referred to as hypercarnivores because of the much higher proportion of protein they require in their diet, much more than most other mammals.


Mega Man Zero 3Edit

Several cats appear in the Resistance Base with the use of the Mod Cards #17 Hittite Hottide and #46 Panter Flauclaws.

Mega Man ZXEdit

Cats with the same appearance as the ones from Mega Man Zero 3 appear in Area C as part of the background.

Mega Man LegendsEdit

Kattelox Island has several black cats. After defeating the Marlwolf, Mega Man Volnutt can go to the Main Gate's entrance and take one of the three cats roaming in the area to the Flutter. The amount of cats inside the Flutter increase as time passes, reaching up to 8 cats of varying size in the Living Room and 3 in Mega Man's Room. Mega Man is able to understand what some of them say. Also, later in the game one cat will appear in the Yass Plains and two in the Cardon Forest. Mega Man is able to kick cats in the Japanese version of the game, but his armor will become darker if he kicks them repeatedly.

The Misadventures of Tron BonneEdit

Cats appear Ryship Island during Tron Bonne's attack to Gold City. If the Beacon Bomb is used in a cat, the Servbots will try to get it, but it will growl and make them run away from it.

Other mediaEdit

In the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, Ms. Yuri adopted a cat she found in the street in Rockman.EXE Stream episode 25. This cat has a few appearances in later episodes.

Besides Ms. Yuri's cat, other cats appear briefly in different episodes, such as MegaMan NT Warrior episode 53, where a cat steals Maysa's fish, and Rockman.EXE Stream episode 1.

Early in Stream, Takeo Inukai has a scarred lion under his control, but it is later saved from him and taken care by Jasmine and Cardamom.



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