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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.

This is an article showcasing fan-made Mega Man games that where created and are available to play, either direct from the website, though download, or purchase at a doujin retailer. To add a game, see MMKB's fanon policy.


Fan Games

  • Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch - A multiplayer Mega Man game in the format of a FPS using the Doom engine. It features detailed 3-D environments reminiscent of the classic Mega Man games allowing the players to control robot masters.

Doujin Games

Work-In-Progress Fan Games

These fan games are currently under development and, therefore, not yet complete, but the project is advanced in its development and may already have a demo version or gameplay video available.

  • Mega Man X: Corrupted by JKB Games. A SNES style MMX game that uses a world map instead of stages and features X and Zero as playable characters.

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