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F-Splasher (possibly an abbr. for "Flying Splasher"), known as Hisuishou (飛水翔? lit. "Flying Water Soar") in Japan, is the special technique that Zero learns after defeating Duff McWhalen in Mega Man X5. This technique is widely claimed as an advanced version of Hienkyaku in MMX4 as Zero can perform air-dash as default. When pressing the Dash Button in midair, Zero's air dash will automatically generate an ice-element barrier that damages enemies upon contact. The player can slightly adjust the angle of Zero's trajectory upwards or downwards with the corresponding directional button press. Zero doesn't take collision damage during this move, but is still vulnerable against projectile attacks. Once F-Splasher has been learned, it will permanently replace Zero's standard air-dash for the remainder of the game; there is no way to disable this move.

F-Splasher is Squid Adler and Rangda Bangda W's sun component's weakness.

In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Zero can release a Hyper Zero Blaster charge to cancel into his move during the Sentsuizan.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X5.

X5-Icon-Zero-FSplasher F-Splasher
Boss Damage
Magma Dragoon --
Sigma Head --
Grizzly Slash 3
Duff McWhalen 0
Squid Adler 8
Izzy Glow 3
Dark Dizzy 3
The Skiver 3
Mattrex 3
Axle the Red 3
U-555 (Head) 0
U-555 (Tail) 0
U-555 (Top) 0
Prism Guardian 6
Pteranoid 4
Dynamo 0
Shadow Devil 0
Rangda Bangda W (Green Eye) 0
Rangda Bangda W (Red Eye) 0
Rangda Bangda W (Blue Eye) 0
Rangda Bangda W (Sun) 8
Mega Man X 3
Sigma: 1st Phase 0
Sigma: 2nd Phase 6


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