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Eyezard (アイザード) is the sub-boss in Frost Walrus's stage in Mega Man X4. It is an eye-like probe that transforms itself into various shapes with the ice of the stage. It can only be hit when its red "eye" is exposed. The transformations include a star and a claw which can ram on X or Zero, close itself and pound the ground sending ice stalactites down to the snowy floor. These stalactites can be destroyed, and after all stalactites are destroyed or a certain ammount of damage is dealt to Eyezard, it will change to its second form. When Eyezard is in its star form, it will bound around the stage and will start releasing ice spikes from itself, after releasing spikes a second time, the third time it stops bouncing, it will revert back to its claw form. Its weakness is the Rising Fire/Ryūenjin.



  • Eyezard bears a strong resemblance to the Ice De Voux enemies from Blizzard Buffalo's stage in Mega Man X3, possibly a very enhanced or upgraded one. It even loses its ice shell as it reaches certain health levels, much like the Ice De Voux. It then reforms its shell if left alone (as a mini boss, there is no real way to avoid this). It should also be noted that Chill Penguin appears in the background as an ice sculpture.