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Evil Chips (あんこくチップ Ankoku Chippu, lit. "Darkness Chip"), and the similar Dark Chips (やみのチップ Yami no Chippu, "Chip of Darkness", not to be confused with Dark Chips), are Battle Chips in the Mega Man Battle Network series that can only be used under dark conditions.

Mega Man Battle Network 3Edit

Dark Chips are Giga Chips that require a Dark Hole panel open in the field to be used, which is created with the Hole Battle Chip.

Mega Man Battle Network 3
ID Image Name Damage Description
Standard 183 MMBN3SChip183Hole - Temporarily opens a hole to a Dark World in the panel in front of the user. Hole itself is not a Dark Chip in this game, but is required for their usage.
Giga Chip 2
MMBN3GChip02WBass90 Bass explodes for 3 squares.
Giga Chip 2
MMBN3GChip02BBass+550 Bass appears and smashes panels.
Giga Chip 3
MMBN3GChip03WSerenade100 Summons Serenade to attack with Holy Shock.
Giga Chip 3
MMBN3GChip03BDarkAura - Creates an Aura that repels attacks with damage lower than 300.

Mega Man Battle Network 4Edit

Evil Chips can only be used by MegaMan.EXE when his spirit has been significantly put under control of his Dark Soul. To open the entrance to Black Earth, the player must have the following 5 Evil Chips: Muramasa, Anubis, ElemDark, BlakWing, and BugCharg/BugCurse.

These chips do not turn a NetNavi evil, but like the DS version of Navi Chips they can only be used by Dark Navis.

All Evil Chips are present in Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation, but they are no longer considered Evil Chips, the user being free to use them without these requirements.

List of non-DS Evil Chips Edit

Mega Man Battle Network 4
ID Image Name Damage Description
Standard 43 BN4Chip043Static20 per hit Like the Tornado chips, this creates a purple tornado 2 panels ahead for 8 hits of 20 damage. If MegaMan is inflicted with bugs, more Tornadoes are created around the original tornado.
Standard 132 BN4Chip132Hole- Creates a Dark Hole in front of MegaMan.
Mega Chip 7 BN4MChip007BugChain - If MegaMan is inflicted with any bugs, the enemy suffers from these same bugs.
Mega Chip 14 BN4MChip014Muramasa - Like its predecessors from previous games, this chip attacks with a Long Sword range which deals damage equal to the HP that user has lost. However, its damage is now capped at 500.
Mega Chip 15 BN4MChip015Anubis- Drops an Anubis statue onto the panel in front of MegaMan which slowly drains all enemies' HP.
Mega Chip 16 BN4MChip016ElemDark240 Like the other Elem-chips, when standing on the right type of panel (in this case a poison/swamp panel), the chip will be powered up, dealing more damage.
Mega Chip 17 BN4MChip017BlakWing20 per hit Freezes time, then opens a cave over each enemy column. Bats are then released down random columns, damaging anything in the way.
Mega Chip 18 BN4MChip018DrkLine - On the user's current row, this chip turns the whole line of 6 panels into Dark Holes.
Giga Chip 4
(Red Sun)
BN4GChip004RSBugCharg80 per hit MegaMan uses Gospel Cannon that fires for each time the player has been in the Custom Screen with the BugCharg chip present (but not selected). Up to 800 damage can be achieved this way.[1]
Giga Chip 4
(Blue Moon)
BN4GChip004BMBugCurse - Inflicts a large number of bugs onto all enemies.

DS Navi ChipsEdit

When a DS Navi is defeated (or when achieving the specific busting level against an SP Navi), MegaMan will receive that Navi's DS Chip. DS chips, like Evil Chips, can only be used by dark soul NetNavis. The power of these DS Navi chips also depends on the total number of open Dark Holes on the field on either player's side. Depending on the Navi Chip, this is a bonus of either +5 or +10 ATK for each Dark Hole on the field, with the bonus capping at 10 Dark Holes.[2]

In Mega Man Battle Network 5, MegaMan cannot use these chips if he is not in Dark Mode (gained by using Dark Chips before), but other Navis (only in Liberation Missions) can use them.


  • The BlackWing chip's attack animation is a direct copy of the attack animation of the DarkMan chips in Mega Man Battle Network 3.

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